Video conferencing system integrated into your website

Interact with your leads and clients, speed up processes with total communication

  • Endless meeting rooms, create a meeting room for each group of clients you want to attend.

  • Up to 10 people per meeting. Do you want to meet with more than one person? You have capacity for 10!

  • Share your screen with other people, so you can convey all your ideas.

Spectacular features

  • Video streaming

    Video streaming in real time, both from the host and from the people who attended the conference.

  • Chat, written conversations

    During video conferencing, guests can write to each other through a written chat, allowing them to leave notes for everyone.

  • Email and SMS invitation

    Invite your clients by email or text message directly from our video conference application. No need for passwords or user names.

  • Share your screen

    Do you want to make a sales presentation? Show a document? No problem ... our platform allows you to easily show what is on your screen.

  • Group video conference

    Create video conferences for more than one person and up to 10 people at the same time in different parts of the world.

  • Multi screen, multi device

    Our video conferencing system works from any screen device that has an Internet browser.

The video conferencing system is included in the 10MinutesWebsite subscription

A simpler Real Estate Business

  • Virtual Showing

    Show your listings from afar.

  • Explain the buying process

    Conveying trust is essential for a client to sign.

  • Meetings on the fly

    Talk to your customers in real time and from their mobile devices.

  • Business Presentations

    Make presentations to share with your clients from your screen.

  • Show your Website

    Share your screen and show properties directly from your website

  • Let them see you

    Confidence increases when you let them see you


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