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For the Real Estate Agent:

30-day free trial

And full Broker's website for free

Create your Real Estate Website:

  • Get all features to test them, for 30 days free trial (Agents).
  • Get all the support that you and your agents need from our customer service creating an amazing new website.

  • Get 21 days of our special MARKETING TRAINING.

Peace of mind

Get the peace of mind knowing that your Real Estate Agents are being cared by digital marketing specialists in the Real Estate Business.

Simple and Effective MLS® Connection

Smart and intuitive property search engine,  integrated in your website with MLS® connection that makes it easier for your prospects and clients to find the property of their dreams.

When your agents are with us, YOU WIN!

Easy-to-use technology, accelerates the participation of your Agents in digital marketing.

  • Written Content

    Website with written content and ready to be shared on social networks by your Real Estate Agents.

  • Digital Marketing System

    Tools designed to help your Agents capture leads using new technologies.

  • Training

    In our academy, your Real Estate Agents are going to learn about digital marketing, and the best thing is that most courses will be free.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service that serves Agents in their daily requirements on their website, freeing the broker from this responsibility.

  • Real Estate Website

    The "10MinutesWebsite" webpages for real estate agents will make them look modern and show them as real specialists

  • IN HOUSE Training

    Do you want digital marketing training in your office? We take care of offering training to your Agents while they enjoy our tools created for their success.

 In our platform Brokers do not pay for their office website.

Broad coverage in FLORIDA

Quick and easy MLS® connection. Just ASK!


Do You want your Agents to have more than one MLS territory? No problem!, we can connect them with more than one MLS source.

Smart design with the best and simplest setup wizard


Marketing tools to achieve your sales goals

Whatsapp® and SMS integration

on every page of your new and smart real estate website

  • Effective communication

    Direct communication with the prospect

  • No set up needed

    Automatic and simple to use

  • Modern design

    Your customers will love it

  • Smart messaging

    Pre-written messages for your convenience

  • Total Communication

    More than 80% of people communicate by smart phone

  • Floating logo

    Just one click away from your customers​

Relax and focus on what really matters ...


Our exclusive tool shows your Agents to the world as the best Real Estate specialists. 

Satisfied customers, we are a 5 stars service

Our users certify it. We work for them and their success.

What they write about us is public through Google.

More than 3 years of specialized work with real estate BROKERS certify it.



Automated email marketing

Your leads receive information

about the process of buying or selling a property automatically.

Your email funnel is already done by Us.


"Leads" capture

By requesting information or downloading from the

website a buyer or seller guide.




The "lead" receives marketing emails every 10 days, offering process information




Through the reading of the email

the prospect connects with your website




Once on the website, the "Lead" accesses the properties and interacts with the information on the website.

On our websites your agent's leads enjoy clear and useful information...

We have written illustrated PURCHASE and SALE guides so that your prospects and clients obtain clear information about the buying and selling processes of a property.

On the Internet ... content is king 

Relevant and written content for your Real Estate Agents websites?

Yes! Our team of writers takes care that you have updated content on your website. We do the work while you are dedicated to achieving your sales goals.


For the Real Estate Agent:

30-day free trial

And full Broker's website for Free

  • Get all features to test them, for 30 days free trial (Agents).
  • Get the support that you and your agents need from our customer service creating an amazing new website.

  • Get 21 days of our special MARKETING TRAINING.

Offer your Agents a tool that really works to manage their Internet presence.

More than 10,000 possible versions of websites at your disposal

Change or renew the website whenever you want, selecting one of our templates, colors and fonts. Every website could be a different world!

More features...

Many options for you to use on your NEW Real Estate website

  • Free customer service

    Get the help you need at the right time.

  • Total configuration

    Change colors, photographs and order of sections of your new page in a simple way

  • New developments data base

    Large database of new developments and residential projects in pre construction

  • Languages

    English or Spanish?

    You can have both pages without additional charge

  • Bio

    Get the opportunity to write a biography that impacts your potential clients

  • Social media integration

    Easily share information from your new website to the social media you select.

Marketing features

Boost your website and accelerate your goals

  • Landing page creator

    Create in a few clicks new web pages to promote your MLS properties or preconstructions  through your email or social media.

  • Full integration with YOUTUBE

    Take YOUTUBE videos and display them on your website while positioning on Google.

  • Sellers and Buyers Module

    We have written for you buying and selling guides to facilitate the communication of the processes to your prospects. Create pages to promote your guides easily and publish them on FACEBOOK.

  • POP UP Creator

    Transform your website into a smart tool that guides your potential customers wherever you want within your new website.

  • Direct messages module

    Create elegant messages that will be sent through emails offering properties for rent, sale and new developments to your potential customers.

  • Mailing Analytics

    Our platform sends emails to your potential customers every 10 days. You no longer have to write them, we have done it for you. Keep your customers interested in your real estate content.

Setting up your new BROKER or Agent website  IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

Just 10 minutes and you will be on the road

Our platform has been designed for your Real Estate Agents, to take full control of their Internet presence. It's that simple

  • No programmer needed

    Simple graphic interface for the management and control of your website and automated marketing. No need for code or programming

  • No graphic designer is necessary

    "Look and Feel" ready for you to select and save.

  • Total control over your future

    Without hiring third parties, with 10MinutesWebsite you can configure your presence on the Internet.


Get support from our five star team. Create and modify your new website with the support you deserve.

  • Talk to human beings

    When help is needed, it is better to talk

    to humans. Ask and get answers by

    chat or talk.

  • Five star attention

    Our professional team is

    evaluated  in Google as one of the best

    in the market.

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