Meet our team

Milton Dávila

Co - Founder

Milton Dávila is founder of 10 Minutes Website, a project that was born in South Florida, USA and has fostered the foundations for a real revolution in the marketing of the real estate sector.


Lover of technology and things well done. Marketing his passion: During his time as a postgraduate professor in different university entities in his native Venezuela, he realized that the knowledge of good marketing should not only be associated with advertising agencies, but it is necessary to bring this wisdom in a simple way to the common citizen.

For Milton, 10 Minutes Website was born in response to a need of real estate agents to have a tool that allows them to promote themselves in a systematically independent and simple way.

Mario Dávila

Co - Founder, Director of Development

Mario Dávila is founder of 10 Minutes Website, and is our head of development.


He became an Internet business expert with; company to which he was linked for a decade and was a first row protagonist in its process of transformation to a public company in the USA.


Strategist with extensive knowledge of online marketing, Mario provides 10 Minutes Website with the guide and discipline that the development of an emerging platform needs to grow and be important for the market niche it serves.

For Mario, 10 Minutes Website will be the main tool of work of real estate agents in the coming years.

Alfonzo Calvo

Chief of Operations

Alfonzo is our Chief of Operations, the conductor to our orchestra


His experience of more than 25 years in service companies and customer care, gives him a particular understanding of our users expectations and the sense of urgency and responsibility that they entail. With a philosophy of always doing things in the best possible way, with love and believing that whats good can always be improved, Alfonzo provides the necessary monitoring and control to drive improvements in the quality of our service.


For Alfonzo, 10 minutes website is the cornerstone on which the success of the real estate professional of today and the future is built.

Maylin Fuentealba

Customer Success Manager

During her professional development in customer service, she served in areas of technical support of applications and systems. She has more than 7 years of experience in reviewing and writing technical processes and instructional designs, which gives her a perspective in the process of optimization and continuous improvement of our users' experience. For Maylín, 10MinutesWebsite, is "the necessary tool" for the real estate professional. In addition to making you feel welcome, she will help you reach the full potential of your website.

Commitment to service

Jennifer Restrepo

Quality Assurance Leader

Jennifer is our "Customer Happiness Specialist", so we like to call her.

She has worked for over 15 years in sales, supervision and customer service areas.

For Jennifer, 10 Minutes Website should be available to all real estate specialists, whether they have knowledge of how to use a computer or not. Jennifer will always be there to support you.

José Martínez

Platform Test Leader

José is part of the Customer Service team. Dedicated to provide you with all the necessary knowledge about Digital Marketing, use of computers and the varied tools of the 10Minutes Website. Throughout his career, he has programmed and given many solutions to web page users. This gives you security by recommending the 10minutes website, like the best option to establish your presence on the Internet and boost your career in the real estate business.

Alisha Walker

Customer Success Assistant

With 15 years of experience in customer service, in educational and technical fields, I´ve learned to be sensitive to clients’ needs and requirements, when they are in new areas or improving actual ones; this, helps me to be able to be a good support in their efforts to achieve success. Alisha, believes that 10 Minutes Website, is a wonderful front door for all Real Estate Agent who are looking forward to the future.

Joseph Díaz

Customer Success Assistant

Joseph have more than 6 years of experience in face-to-face and phone customer service. This qualifies him not only to understand and meet the needs of the customers, but to provide timely responses and quality assistance, so that they feel satisfied with the service and management of their website. For Joseph, 10MinutesWebsite is the tool that every real estate agent needs for their success and globalization in the cyber world.

Alejandro Caña

Customer Success Assistant

Alejandro has worked in Customer Service for more than 10 years, this allows him to connect with our subscribers and act according to their needs,  with the necessary knowledge to help address their website needs and clarify their doubts. He strives to provide a professional service that includes patience, respect, cooperation and kindness. 

For Alejandro 10minuteswebsite is not just another real estate platform, we really want to help our customers go beyond.

Commitment to service

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